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Preface from the webmaster

This issue of CBBS Today is the first of three special issues reflecting on the triple disaster that our Japanese colleagues faced one year ago: a magnitude 9.0 earthquake, the devastating tsunami that followed, and a nuclear power plant crisis that resulted in the meltdown of three reactor cores. Recovery efforts began swiftly, but in many respects the task of rebuilding Japan has only begun.

CBBS was involved from the start. With the board’s swift approval, the CBBS Today website became an open-access platform for news from Japan, especially Fukushima. Word spread quickly, not only among blood bank and transfusion specialists, but among concerned citizens around the world. On-the-scene narratives from Dr. Kenneth Nollet, accompanied by photographs and official announcements from Fukushima Medical University, became by far the most-viewed pages of any that I, as CBBS webmaster, manage. Here are some of the surprising statistics. Immediately after initiating the online narratives and announcements, the CBBS Today website hits increased nearly 2,500%, with over 50% of the hits being from outside the USA. The value of social networking was illustrated through the use of "sharing" buttons, with the large majority of viewers choosing to forward content via Facebook and Twitter. The volume of "shares" increased over 200%.

As mentioned by Dr. Joy Fridey in this issue’s President’s Message, the CBBS Board wanted to consolidate the narratives, photographs, and official announcements from Japan in a more permanent and structured way. Dr. Nollet readily agreed that CBBS still offered the best online venue for this undertaking, and he began to incorporate his original narratives into manuscripts worthy of a professional journal. This turned out to be a perfect opportunity for CBBS Today to explore new ways to deliver content. Articles in this issue are now structured to allow readers to see at a glance the headings of every section, and open the sections one at a time for comfortable reading without a lot of scrolling. For convenient printing, there are buttons to open and close all sections at once.

Before proceeding with any changes, board members consulted the bylaws and rediscovered that CBBS Today has always been more than a newsletter. It is the official organ of our professional society. This fact is borne out by browsing previous issues. We have always attracted quality manuscripts from authors who might just as easily publish in PubMed-indexed journals. PubMed indexing may be the next step in our evolution. For now, the cover has been rebranded to reflect our proud 30-year history as CBBS Today - Journal of the California Blood Bank Society.

As a professional journal, we have always solicited original manuscripts, but have not necessarily encouraged letters to the editor. But good articles are more than just the product of previous dialogs, e.g., department meetings, professional conferences, peer review, etc. Good articles can also be the start of new dialogs, e.g., with readers. Dr. Nollet has agreed to respond to letters to the editor pertaining to the content of Volume XXX issues 2, 3, and 4. We look forward to your submissions.

Please send your comments to admin@cbbstoday.org.