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June 8, 2011

Members of the Fukushima City Orchestra came to FMU on Saturday morning, June 4. Performing in our hospital’s main lobby, they were a welcome contrast to the days after March 11, when the lobby was filled with mobile hospital beds set up for mass casualty.

The smiling faces of patients enjoying live music – and friendly musicians – would have made the best pictures. Family and friends were certainly busy with their cameras. But as a member of the hospital, I was bound by privacy policies to avoid pictures that might directly identify patients. Nevertheless, I hope today’s photo gallery offers some flavor of a Saturday morning in Fukushima. Please click on any thumbnail below to begin a slideshow.

  • Image1
    Immediately after the magnitude 9.0 earthquake, Fukushima Medical University’s hospital lobby became a patient care area.
  • Image2
    Patient care in the FMU hospital lobby nine days after the earthquake.
  • Image3
    Bulletin board announcement for a June 4, 2011 appearance of the Fukushima City Orchestra
  • Image4
    Ahead of the official concert, members of the brass section serenade a child perched on the hospital lobby’s grand staircase…
  • Image5
    This youngster is keeping her distance from other patients. Wearing a mask isn’t uncommon in Japan, but her indoor hat and the orange IV bag tell a story. Chemo.
  • Image6
    10:33 am. The Fukushima City Orchestra performs their first number. In the background: yes, we have a Starbucks, open again after a long hiatus.
  • Image7
    A young patient guest-conducts the Fukushima City Orchestra. Other children helped out in the percussion section
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    Fukushima City Orchestra performing in the FMU hospital lobby. Under different circumstances, jackets and ties would be the norm. 'Cool Biz' is Japan’s slogan for ditching the jacket in summertime. This year, 'Super Cool Biz' means ditching the tie and cutting back on climate control. Major facilities, including hospitals, have been asked to cut electricity consumption by 25%. Traditional folding fans are likely to make a comeback.
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    Fukushima City Orchestra performing in the FMU hospital lobby.